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holland lop breeder in minnesota

The Home of Hollands: Lops on the Lake

The widest naturally occurring place on the Mississippi river is a clear, bluff-lined lake called Pepin, of historical significance and modern beauty.   Situated on its shores is a rabbitry where the herd stays small but the standards stay high: Lops on the Lake.

We are committed to raising high quality Holland Lops by using only Grand Champion lines and maintaining excellent management practices.  We breed toward the ARBA Standard of Perfection, striving to produce bunnies with short, solid body type and endearing temperaments.


Located in Lake City, Minnesota.

news and updates

October 25, 2020.  Check our Available page for details.

If you’re looking to buy a Holland Lop in southern Minnesota, we do have some babies coming up for sale.  Email for more information: nwcreeley@gmail.com



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Glorious sunrise on Lake Pepin. Photo by Manda Hart Baldwin