Our Handsome Boys



Here are our Holland herd sires. These rabbits are not for sale, but some of their babies may be on the “sale” page.

Head of a tortoise colored Holland Lop

LOL’s Tulsa is a Tortoise Holland Lop Herd Buck



Shetan - black holland lop sire black holland lop rabbit buck

lol’s Shetan is our black Holland Lop Herdsire.



LOL’s Summit is a broken blue tort buck we have coming up the ranks.




LOL’s Gatlin. Love this little guy.




pet male holland lop rabbit

This precious boy is LOL’s Dimples.



Blue Holland Lop Buck

Blue Holland Lop senior buck named Lol’s Bane.



Tort Holland Lop Buck

This baby with the handsome crown is named Lol’s Castle.




Lol’s Stanley is a tort buck. Ready to show him more!



This buck is my new herdsire. His name is L&R Shylo and has 48 Grand Champion legs.

He won BOSV 2016 Minnesota State fair. Looking forward to new babies from him!



chocolate broken

Beautiful color! This broken chocolate boy is named Wonka.




broken holland lop breeder with bunnies for sale

This broken blue tortoise buck is named Asher.




adorable holland lop standing up

This is Slater. He’s so cute and full of personality!



lol’s Greyson is also a herd buck. His color is sable point.



lol’s Boomer is one of my new herd and show bucks. He is solid tortoise.



lol’s Olaf is a broken tortoise I have for show and breeding.



Quantum is a solid sable point.

This handsome hero is named Gunther.  He’s a broken sable point Holland Lop.

sweet blue tortoise holland lop

This sweet little fellow is named Gibson.  He’s a solid blue tortoise



What makes a Holland Lop special?

The Holland is a unique little bunny. It’s the smallest breed of lop-eared rabbit, weighing 3-4 pounds when full grown. Hollands are supposed to be “big rabbits in small packages.” That is, they should present a bulky, “massive” appearance but still be very small, and they should feel like rocks. The head is to be bold and chunky, propped up on a wide chest and stumpy front legs. Bucks will naturally be more massive than does, and older bucks more massive than younger ones. Rabbits of some other breeds have short show careers; they tend to lose condition by age 2 or 3. But HL bucks get better and better as they put on mass. It’s not uncommon to see male Holland Lops on the show table at age 4 or 5, still going strong.

What are the differences between a Holland Lop and a Mini Lop?

As mentioned, the Holland is the smallest normal-furred lop breed in the United States. You might think that title would belong to the Mini Lop, right? Well when it was developed, the Mini Lop was the smallest breed! The HL came along many years later. To add to the confusion, the British Rabbit Council, which governs the standards for shows in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, doesn’t recognize our American Mini Lop, but calls the breed we call Holland the Mini!


breeds of lop rabbits compared

How many lop-eared rabbit breeds are there?

(American) Mini Lops weigh 5-7 pounds and like the HL have luxurious rollback coats. The American Mini Lop does not sit erect like the Holland does when posed.

While there are a few other lop breeds in the United States, none are as popular as the Holland and Mini.

The American Fuzzy – The AFL is very similar to the Holland in size and shape. The biggest difference is the AFL has long hair called wool.

The French – This breed is very large, in the “giant” category of rabbits. It’s something like a supersized Mini Lop. While “Frenchies” make cuddly pets, they aren’t as popular as the smaller breeds because they require so much more space and food.

The English – This is the original lop-eared rabbit. English lops have longer ears than any other breed, spanning as much as 30 inches from the tip of one to the tip of the other! EL’s have fairly large bodies to support such ear spans, and though they are not rare, they aren’t very popular because of the large size and other challenges presented by an exacting Standard.

The Velveteen – This breed is still in development, and is not accepted by the ARBA at this time. It’s like an English lop with rex fur.