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Last updated:  January 11, 2020.

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Please read my sale policy at the bottom of the page, since I have made some updates recently!  I do need pre-payment or a deposit before I will sell any rabbits.  No deliveries.

Four litters due February 1, 2020! Check back for details. <3  Here is a photo of a baby that is now doing well with its new owners!

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Lops on the Lake Sales Policy

Grand Champion Holland Lop Rabbits

Where is the best place to buy a Holland Lop rabbit near Rochester,Minnesota?

Obtaining a Holland Lop is a rewarding experience.  There are so many opportunites for the rabbit owner! If you just want a fun companion, this breed is playful and friendly as a rule.  If you have children, they can gain valuable skills through participating in local 4-H rabbit programs.   And if you enjoy competition, you can take on the challenge of raising Hollands for show.

No matter what your purpose for your new bunny, you should make sure the purchase him or her from the best possible source.  There are several places in Minnesota from which you can adopt a lop-eared bunny, but some are definitely better than others.

Is the animal shelter a good place to obtain a rabbit?

If you merely want a pet, you might consider adopting one from the animal shelter.  However, there are a few things you should keep in mind.  You probably won’t know the exact age of the rabbit you adopt, or much about its history.  If you would like to train your rabbit (such as to use a litter box, respond to a clicker, or jump hurdles) you will probably have much better successes starting with a young bunny.  Bad habits are also harder to correct in adults.  Shelter rabbits usually come without a pedigree and do not meet the high standards of conformation that show stock must have.  Of course, if a rabbit is “fixed” it is not useful to a competitive herd of Holland Lops.

What about a pet store?

show or pet quality Holland Lop Jr DoeThe obvious place to buy a pet lop-eared bunny is a pet store, right?  Well, actually you should be very wary of purchasing rabbits at pet shops.  While a shelter rabbit may be too old, pet store bunnies are often sold too young.  Four and five-week-old floppy-eared bunnies are very small and cute, but they are way too young to be taken from their mothers and be placed in such a chaotic environment as a pet shop.  A depressing number of these bunnies arrive in their new home only to succumb to digestive illnesses within a couple weeks, because they cannot handle the stress.  Purchasing from a pet store only helps the system continue. 

From a show perspective, critters in a pet store are there for a reason.  Most did not come from a breeder striving for correct show type and temperament.  If by chance they did, they’re in the pet store because they did not make the show-quality cut. 

That said, there are certain instances –usually in rural areas – where a feed store will partner with a local breeder to supply healthy, pedigreed, show-quality bunnies to the local 4-H kids.  These situations can usually be trusted, but make sure you do your research and not buy a bunny under 8 weeks old, no matter who is selling it!

How about from a Holland Lop breeder?

I believe that, in general, the best option for buying a Holland Lop is to go to a breeder who takes the time to socialize their babies, and selects breeding pairs for health and conformation.  Here at Lops on the Lake, I keep the herd small, taking care not to expand the rabbitry beyond the point where I can give every bunny individual attention.  A small herd also demands that I am very selective about the bunnies I keep and breed.  My goal is to produce better vitality and conformation to the ARBA standards with each generation.  As a certified vet technician, rabbit health is very important to me and I will not sell a bunny unless I believe it is in good shape.  I keep pedigrees on all my breeding stock, so that you can see the Holland you buy from us is from grand champion lines.

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